Alicia Orlita

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Alicia has huge enthusiasm for her role as a sales consultant. She is also aware that reliability, energy and trust are qualities that clients of Whittle Knight and Boatwood are looking for in the real estate industry. When it comes to results in selling or buying, understanding the aspirations and dreams of people looking to buy or sell is a key aspect of Alicia’s skills and appeal.

By providing a service to clients and customers and demonstrating her dedication to their goals, Alicia ensures that she connects to each individual on a positive level. Her determination to network throughout the industry to build an outstanding database will assist both the company and the clients it serves.

As a member of staff at Whittle Knight and Boatwood, Alicia is delighted to be in a family firm. She enjoys the close teamwork, work values, enthusiasm and the high standard of ethics surrounding her. Her focus is on providing a standard of superior service for the clients and customers who come in the door, and she is proud of her work to assist them in gaining excellent results.

Her commitment to her role is clear when she says: “I am new to the industry but I will be continuing to further my knowledge each and every day. I really want to achieve for our clients the results that they too want.”

Alicia Orlita
Mobile:0274 224 621
Work:03 348 4149

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