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Why do I need my property managed?

Renting your property is effectively a business decision. So, it makes sense to have a formal business arrangement in place. After all, you need the business to succeed! The expertise that Whittle Knight and Boatwood Ltd have in property management removes the worry and stress associated with renting your property and increases the potential for your rental property to be a successful business proposition.

Our expertise starts with our familiarity of the Residential Tenancies Act, includes proven rent collection and administrative processes and goes right through to dealing with a range of tenant concerns. For example, you won’t have to deal with fixing a burst water pipe at 2am or deal with conflict related to payment issues.

Your Whittle Knight and Boatwood Ltd Property Manager will ensure that all  the contractual obligations on the Tenancy Agreement are understood and adhered to. They arrange for repairs and maintenance. If rent is unpaid,  they get onto it immediately and accept no excuses. Or, if rent needs to be increased, they will advise you of that too. In fact, your Property Manager keeps you up to date every step of the way including:

A professional Property Manager knows what to do and when to do it. That means you are freed up to focus on what you do best!

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G. Khan, Wellington

“Tania, I must say, most impressed by your service… I wish you could do the same for me in Wellington, Palmerson North and Hamilton… Thanks”