Monique McLaggan

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Monique McLaggan

In her capacity as property manager assistant, Monique is involved with property sales, valuations and property management.

Providing the most straight-forward advice cheerfully and in a helpful manner for the clientele is something she really enjoys. Opportunities to help problem-solve difficulties faced by renters and property owners alike are part of her professional skill-set.

Monique is involved in general administration in assisting the property management team. A particular area of interest is the production of social media accounts. Putting together information to reach a wide audience involved with, or affected by the property market, is a particular strength of hers. Compiling social media accounts and providing items of interest for the newsletter are areas she is involved with, giving information on current trends, and real estate products offered by the company.

Face to face contact is a bonus, and when acting as a receptionist Monique enjoys personal interaction and the chance to provide customised service for people coming in to the office. Willingness to be flexible in the various areas she is involved provides a highly productive result in all parts of her work.

Monique particularly enjoys working for Whittle Knight and Boatwood, as it is a family firm. There is a mutual loyalty and connectedness which she values, and for which she gives energy and commitment in return.

Monique McLaggan

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